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VFB® Industrial Dehumidifier

VFB® Industrial Dehumidifier

Bry-Air, Inc.'s VFB Dehumidifier is the ideal dehumidification solution for facilities in need of custom built reliable temperature and humidity control with dew points as low as -65°F.

VFB® Industrial Dehumidifier Feature Highlights

Standard Features

  • Electric, steam, direct or indirect fired gas reactivation
  • Easy to remove desiccant rotor
  • Cleanable or disposable 30% inlet air filters
  • Relay based controls for simple reliable operation
  • Desiccant rotor manufactured in a Bry-Air, ISO Certified Facility
  • Hinged filter access doors with quick release fasteners
  • Circuit breakers (not fuses) for over-current protection
  • Relay-based controls for simple, reliable operation

Optional Industrial Dehumidifier Features

  • Pre and After cooling coils of various configurations and materials for use with all standard brines and refrigerants
  • DX condensing units and chillers
  • Pre-piped and wired condensing units
  • Pre and/or After heat - electric, gas, hot water, or steam
  • Humidification
  • Removable 3" double-sloped stainless steel drain pan
  • 65%, 95% efficiency or HEPA filters
  • Humidification
  • External bypass duct
  • Purge section for ultra low dew point applications
  • Programmable logic controls
    • Allen Bradley
    • Siemens
    • Automation Direct
    • Other
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Custom configurations for tight space

With thirteen standard rotor sizes and a wide variety of packaging options, the VFB-Series of dehumidification units can be tailored to match the specific requirements of the challenging applications.

With the VFB®-Series Industrial Dehumidifiers you will get:

  • The latest technology
  • Solid welded aluminum construction
  • Thirteen standard sizes from 300 to 30,000 CFM of dehumidified air
  • 100,000 CFM or more total system air
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Easier maintenance
  • Ultimate flexibility of application
  • A machine built to last

At Bry-Air, we realize that some industrial dehumidification specifications require a truly custom creation.

That's why we offer the new and improved VFB industrial dehumidifier. This proven unit has been upgraded to more effectively meet your particular temperature and humidity needs.

Bry-Air has been designing and building complete dehumidification package units for more than 40 years. When a standard modular unit simply won't do, put Bry-Air's experience to work for you.

Whether designed as a stand-alone unit or a complete package system, the VFB industrial dehumidifier will meet your exact requirements.

With VFB® Dehumidifiers you will get:

  • Rugged construction suitable for portable applications
  • 12 dehumidifier sizes from 600 - 30,000 CFM or more
  • Total system airflows of 50,000 CFM or more
  • A unit capable of delivering air to -60°F dew point
  • Proven technology and performance
  • Easy maintenance
  • A machine built to last
  • 24/7 technical support

VFB Dehumidifier Specifications


PDF Typical Flow Diagram (PDF - 76KB)
PDF VFB Dehumidifier Product Spec Sheet (PDF - 162KB)
PDF VFB Brochure (PDF - 479KB)
PDF VFB-6 Dehumidifier Spec Sheet (PDF - 75KB)

Typical Specifications:

DOC Air Flow Dampers (DOC - 111KB)
DOC Base Dehumidifier Spec (DOC - 142KB)
DOC Cooling Coil Spec (DOC - 121KB)
DOC Fan Spec (DOC - 113KB)
DOC Filter Spec (DOC - 114KB)
DOC React Heat Source Spec (DOC - 116KB)
DOC System Control Spec (DOC - 118KB)

PDF Drawings:

PDF VFB-9 Dehumidifier (PDF - 76KB)
PDF VFB-12 Dehumidifier (PDF - 76KB)
PDF VFB-18 Dehumidifier (PDF - 77KB)
PDF VFB-24 Dehumidifier (PDF - 78KB)
PDF VFB-36 Dehumidifier (PDF - 79KB)
PDF VFB-50 Dehumidifier (PDF - 127KB)
PDF VFB-75 Dehumidifier (PDF - 82KB)
PDF VFB-100 Dehumidifier (PDF - 82KB)
PDF VFB-150 Dehumidifier (PDF - 83KB)
PDF VFB-200 Dehumidifier (PDF - 82KB)
PDF VFB-300 Dehumidifier (PDF - 86KB)

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