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Bry-Air  adds value to its customers by expanding its solutions offering.
October, 2013

Have a moisture control issue in your building or process, Bry-Air can solve it!  Contact us today to discuss your current challenges.

Did you know Bry-Air offers short and long term lease purchase options? Long term options include ability to finance the entire install/construction costs at a competitive rate!

Bry-Air EcoDry Dehumidifier
October, 2013

Dehumidifying or considering dehumidifying with desiccant? Before you make a decision make sure you are considering Bry-Air's patented Bry-Smart Energy Management System featured on our EcoDry Series units. Save up to 45% Energy when compared to traditional basic desiccant dehumidifier controls. Did you know Bry-Air can often retrofit existing systems with the Bry-Smart Controls Package? Contact us today for more details on a new EcoDry Series Dehumidifier with Bry-Smart Controls or to discuss a retrofit your existing systems (including non Bry-Air units) with the Bry-Smart Energy Management System.

The EcoDry Desiccant Dehumidifier uses dynamic control of dehumidifier operating parameters to improve energy efficiency.

Bry-Air Product Announcement
October 7, 2013

Our products are improving!! Last week several decisions took place during a committee meeting for Product Change and Improvement. Read more...

Bry-Air reopens R&D Testing Lab
September 27, 2013

Bry-Air has reopened it's R&D Testing Lab and environmental chamber for its customers.  In fact, we have a customer using the test chamber this week in an effort to determine the appropriate dwell time and condition for proper drying coupled with the most effective mositure content for the product.  This specific testing will be performed over 16 sessions at vaious temperaturea nd humidity conditions.  Bry-Air is helping this customer determine the optimum conditions for their process prior to the purchase of a large unit.  Their end unit will be sized for the optimum conditions for their process prior to the purchase of a large unit.  Their end unit will be sized for the optimum moisture removal capacity keeping energy costs down by providing air to their process that is as dry as they need based on actual performance testing in our R&D Testing Lab and associated environmental chamber.

If you or somone you know would like more information on the use of our R&D Testing Lab and environmental chamber, please contact us today!!. If ou or someone you know would like more information on the use of our R&D Testing Lab



Bry-Air Welcomes Manager, Process Improvement

September, 2013

Bry-Air welcomes Chris Alverson, Manager, Process Improvement 



MiniPAC desiccant drive motor assembly upgrade

April, 2013

Check out the Product  Bulletin describing the MiniPAC desiccant drive motor assembly upgrade.



Bry-Air Welcomes the Newest Addition to the Engineering Department

January, 2013

Bry-Air welcomes Jeff Stanley, Senior Controls Engineer.  



International Production and Processing Expo 2013

Bry-Air will be attending the International Production and Processing Expo, January 29 - 31, 2013 at the Georgia
World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. Come visit us at  booth 8051 B Hall.


Bry-Air Announces Patent of BrySmart Technology

September 21, 2012

Bry-air is excited to announce that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has allowed our patent on the BrySmart Energy Management System.



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