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Ambient Dew Point Design for an Automotive Wind Tunnel

Ambient Dew Point Design for an Automotive Wind Tunnel

Bry-Air, Inc. environmental control systems can modify ambient temperatures of up to -55°F that allow for precise applications to be performed.

The advances in the field of dehumidification grow larger every year. Not only does Bry-Air, Inc. have the technology to apply, they have the real world experience to back it up as well.

New applications have been running successfully in the field using outside air year round. From scorching temperatures in the summer to chilling temperatures in the winter; the use of outside year round is now possible by the ability to utilize extreme low dew points.

Dew points can now be modified up to temperatures of -55°F. With the capability to perform this action there is no need to worry about the possibilities of freezing coils with the dew point far below any winter temperatures.

An American automotive research and engineering facility in Dearborn, Michigan is an example of Bry-Air, Inc. engineering expertise in use. The system is designed to receive the outside air and blow out extremely dry-air with a low dew point of -55°F into a substantial wind tunnel.

With precise control over the ambient air in the facility testing can be completed under optimal conditions. The result is money saved in research and development and greater freedom in performing experiments and collecting accurate data.

The possibilities for this application can benefit many other applications as too. The dry air itself can be an asset, as well as the relief of developing freezing coils in the winter, no matter what the temperature. With such large quantities of air needed in many applications this design allows for accurate control over the ambient environment while still having the flexibility to control the aspects of the room's temperature and humidity levels.

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